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 My Sponsorship *** FixNation ***

I am very excited to sponsor FixNation, a non-profit organization supporting Trap-Neuter-Return of homeless stray and feral cats.  Doug and I began a project at the Los Alamitos Race Course, where I began my career as a quarter horse jockey.  We noticed many cats at the track, too many.  We were lucky to be introduced to the team at FixNation, who provided us with all the help necessary to spay and neuter over 100 cats.  I proudly wear the FixNation logo. 

We (Eswan, Doug, Danny)  previously attended a World Spay Day benefit for FixNation.  We were excited to see the FN Staff and to meet Jackson Galaxy (My cat from Hel...)  The FN friends and supporters were very nice and the Ansel Adams artwork was from the Los Angeles area and fascinating. Photos are up on the FixNation web-site.

My friend Irving (Danny) Orozco also sponsors FixNation and proudly wears their logo while soon to be racing at Hollywood Park.


More on my FixNation page.


I am currently riding at Lone Star Park in Grand Praire Texas.  If you are in the area, come out to the track and watch me race.  




I have some   Eswan Flores Stay in School   bracelets and some Eswan Flores T shirts and if you would like one send me your address.  If you do, I'll hit you up for a $10 donation to Fix Nation and post your name on my web-page.  Please help the homeless cats!